Ciné Art Loisir

Pictures that dream around the world

« Ciné Art Loisir » is an association created October 5, 1983 in Poncin (France, Ain) under the leadership of a dynamic and dedicated team. In the service of general knowledge and the acquisition of knowledge, she has made many films in various fields: fiction, documentaries, reports.

In the eighties, with a series of films entitled "Relief of France, the Monasteries", she was particularly interested in a subject still poorly known by the general public: the contemplative spiritual life of different religious Orders in France. What are these Orders? How do they live? What are they looking for ? How are they perceived in the universal Church? So many questions that Ciné Art Loisir tries to answer in his documentaries.

The association has kept over time all its perseverance and enthusiasm to share its passions with the public and its members. Since the two thousand years, it is illustrated, in particular, with the now famous « Ferme aux Mille Lumières », which attracts thousands of spectators each year.